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Traditional Publishing

The publisher takes all the financial risk to publish, market, and sell the book. While the author does not pay, it also means that we have to be very selective in the manuscripts we select for publication. The author is also not in control of the publishing process and all final decisions are made by the publisher. The publisher undertakes to maximise sales through effective marketing and distribution channels developed over many years.

The author receives royalties as payment. This is a percentage off the nett returns to the publisher starting at 10%.

Copyright of the book transfers to the publisher. The author still retains the copyright to the text, but the rights to the cover and any packaging belongs to the publisher. The details of this will be stipulated in a contract.

Services we Provide:

  1. The warehousing of your book.
  2. Stock management and administration.
  3. Direct marketing of your book through our website and other media links to the reading public.
  4. Assistance in the organisation of promotional talks.
  5. The processing of customer orders.
  6. The despatch and freighting of customer orders.
  7. The administration and recovery of revenue earned from retailers and online book-stores.
  8. The listing of your books on our and other e-book retail websites.
  9. Attendance at local and international book fairs.
  10. International distribution through our Sales Agents based around the world.
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