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Self Publishing

The author meets the expense involved in producing, marketing and distributing the book and has the final say over all decisions relating to the project.

The author may only require assistance in specific subsets of the publication process such as editing or book design. We will quote on request.

After covering the book’s printing costs and all other associated costs, the profit, in its entirety, belongs to the author.

The author retains all copyright.

We offer Two convenient SELF-PUBLISHING service solutions


One-Stop Publishing Solution:

This covers all the editorial, design, production, printing and e-book services required for publishing and book distribution through local and international platforms. We turn a manuscript into a finished product available for sale. The production is personally managed from beginning to end, in consultation with the author, subject to a positive evaluation by our team. Your book will meet the trade quality standards required for media reviews and we undertake to use our status as a registered vendor to all book -stores in South Africa to try and position your book in the retail arena. We will also endeavour to assist in making your book available through online channels and connect you with the appropriate people in this regard.

Quotations are provided after evaluation.

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Specific sub-sets:

If you do not require all the services we offer you may select specific subsets; editing, design, typesetting, e-book conversion and printing.  

Quotations are provided after evaluation.

Publishing a book can be daunting, time-consuming and unnecessarily costly for novices. We aim to help cut costs and not quality.

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