The 15th Club

//The 15th Club

The 15th Club


Hannes Wessels with Nick Price

This book looks into the lives and times of some of Rhodesia’s and Zimbabwe’s most well-known golfers. Co-written by Hannes Wessels and Nick Price, The 15th Club covers the history of the game and is full of first-hand accounts of events on and off the golf course. The book is dedicated to Simon Hobday whose exploits are recounted in some detail. Often hilarious and thoroughly engaging, The 15th Club is a must read for all golf enthusiasts out there.

At the moment, The 15th Club is only on sale in South Africa but will be available soon in The UK.



“Hannes Wessels has produced a gem, chock-full of humorous personal anecdotes that will delight all who love the game of golf. The magical stories will re-ignite all the chest-puffing pride and passion from those halcyon days, both for those who have left this land and those of us who remain and continue to follow today’s golf and other sporting prodigies.”

Glen Byrom

“I learned so much from this book and what amazing personalities these golfers were. Some of the stories had me crying with laughter”

David Tullie