Let Me Play, The Sewshanker ‘Papwa’ Sewgolum Story

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Let Me Play, The Sewshanker ‘Papwa’ Sewgolum Story



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Let me Play – This is the story of Papwa Sewgolum who rose from humble beginnings to challenge the might of the golfing titans on an equal footing. Papwa Sewgolum, against all odds, won the Dutch Open playing in only his second ‘white’ tournament, and a total of three times in four attempts.

I have spent the better part of today reading your book. Prior to this, I have not read any books about Papwa and I must concede that I was the poorer for it – his story is one that filled my eyes with tears – and I’m not being cliched or dramatic. Well written Barry – I expected to be bogged down by golf scores and terminology and yet you managed to infuse the narrative with some really human moments that reflects your commitment to the game and your remarkable sense of humanity. Papwa’s sporting opportunities that never matched his boundless talent- a repetitive narrative of all Black sportsman before and after him. But also equally of his grace in enduring the insults. I also thought of my grandfathers and their lives, of my people and their history of oppression and yet grace in adversity. As a researcher and writer of South Africa colonial Indian history, I take note that the struggle clearly continued generations thereafter, the battlefield had moved from the plantations to the sports field.” – Sujatha Boodhun