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My book, ‘Blazing the Trail’ – a beautifully produced soft-cover 411 page full colour book (with around 140 photographs which fit into the text) is timed to coincide withthe 90th anniversary of the start of Black Golf in South Africa, and it will be released latest 01 June, and will sell for R385.


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My book, ‘Blazing the Trail’ – a beautifully produced soft-cover 411 page full colour book (with around 140 photographs which fit into the text) is timed to coincide withthe 90th anniversary of the start of Black Golf in South Africa, and it will be released latest 01 June, and will sell for R385.

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Foreword: Tokozile Xasa (Minister of Sport); Sally Little; Rajen Sewgolum

Minster of Sport Tokozile Xasa: “I implore all South Africans to read this book!  Against all odds, the story of black golf in South Africa must be told”.

Book launch schedule

  • 06 June 6-8 pm Exclusive Books Homebru Author panel (Dan Nichol moderator), Cavendish Square, Cape Town
  • 19 June 6 – 8 pm Durban Country Club
  • 20 June 6-8 pm The World of Golf, Johannesburg

Book information

90 years of the ‘lost’ history of Black golf the book tells the story of how black youth were indentured to be caddies, triumphed against all odds

The fabric of black golf is interwoven with attempts by the South African apartheid government to allow black golfers to compete against white sporting South Africans and on the international stage. Finally after becoming the figurehead of the anti-apartheid sport movement, golfers ensure that the tail wagged the dog.

They broke down the apartheid notion of white sportsmen’s invincibility, and triumphed by drawing world attention to the inequality, leading to unification, and finding thebalance between white and black golfers.

* historical tournament results * bush golf courses * battle with apartheid * play in white golf tournaments * triumphs overseas and locally * retaliation, attempted assassination, banning, and passport withdrawal * banning of white golfers abroad * victories over Gary Player & Tiger Woods *SA golfer ranking *Induction into the Southern Africa Golf Hall of Fame.

Sale Points

  • The story of black golf has never been told – fascinating tale of how they rose to beat world number one Gary Player and Tiger Woods.
  • There is a huge – and affluent – market for this book. Golf fans are passionate about their sport.
  • Equally those interested in apartheid will be fascinated as to how these golfers had South Africa banned from the Olympics and the government brought to their knees.
  • The stories and struggles of Boodhun, Chowglay, Louw, Sewgolum, Johnson-Sedibe, Tshabalala, Muridzo, and Chitengwa, and others have never been told – tales of triumph and tragedy make this a fascinating story!
  • Tournament statistics and blow-by-blow exciting match exchanges are documented and recorded in a readable easy to understand even for non-golfers.
  • Following Tiger Woods’s 2019 Masters success, the timing of this book’s release is perfect.

Book Reviews

Sunday Times (David Isaacson)

Cohen’s intricately researched book offers rare insight into the history of black golf from even before apartheid, long before the more recent stars like Papwa Sewgolum and Vincent Tshabalala. It’s a collection of gems of information.


Business Day (Luke Alfred)

A new book celebrates the forgotten stars of SA golf – maligned and discriminated against for their colour Cohen brings deep sensitivity to the stories of golf’s dispossessed caddies who were often self-taught on improvised “clubs”. Cohen tells them all with great energy and dedication; they make for a fascinating read.



Cohen brings deep sensitivity to the stories which he tells with great energy and dedication; they make for a fascinating read.



Cohen has written a fascinating, factual, and timely book about golf and the politics of exclusion, it is a book of remarkable stories.

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The author brings to life the trials and tribulations faced by people of colour trying to play a sport they loved, and in so doing, breaking down the apartheid barrier and overcoming discrimination, determination, and the quest to win against all odds.




Australian Cyberclub (Mike Baskin)

The book is not just a remarkable chronology of black golf, the people who were involved but an insightful reflection on South Africa during the period of apartheid well worthr eading and deserves a wider circulation amongst South African’s living in Australia.

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Blazing the Trail is the story interwoven with the history and tournament statistics of 90 years of black golf largely undocumented and untold until now. It is a narrative of how players rose above the challenges only for those in authority to stop the sweeping winds of change

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The forgotten stars of SA golf

A new book celebrates the forgotten stars of SA golf – maligned and discriminated against for their colour. Luke Alfred took a look

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The history of golf is often characterised by heroic terms. ‘Titanic struggles’ feature strongly in the tales of early golfers’ legendary rivalries and extraordinary achievements in the face of adversity.

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Future historians will thank him for the scrupulous way in which he has recorded the playing prowess and success of non-European golfers. This is a book that is clear and easily read. I hope it will be widely read by those with an interest in the game’s history


Sally Little (2-time LPGA Major winner, 15 LPGA titles)

The stories are compelling, the history fascinating, and kudos to Barry Cohen for bringing both to light. Blazing the Trail is a wonderful tribute to those forgotten champions and an inspiration to us all.


User Reviews

Maurice Habib

Great read. I really learnt so much. Highly recommended


Dr. Steve Orlin

Mazel Tov Barry

BTW Enjoying reading the book and its really very informative


Eric Casper

I’ve just finished reading Blazing the Trail.  OUTSTANDING!

There were so many nuggets that I came across but once again, excellent effort & I only wish you continued success with the book.

If you played golf in South Africa, I strongly recommend you read this.


Johan Immelman (ex Commissioner Sunshine Tour)

Thank you for this wonderful addition to my library Barry. it is sincerely appreciated. I enjoyed expanding my knowledge and understanding of this chapter in our South African Golfing History. It was certainly a labor of love for you Barry. In your note you say that this is your Final Chapter Barry… I suggest not. I have always been of the opinion, and continue to champion that the Papwa Sewgolum and Graham Wulff friendship and adventurous success story needs to scripted for the big screen. Flying across the vast African Continent in a single prop Piper Comanche, without GPS and mobile connectivity luxuries… and then winning the Dutch Open makes for an epic sporting movie.

Mungo Park (UK golf writer)

Barry,Your excellent book

Congratulations, I have very much enjoyed reading your book and learning so much from its content. I am sure that there is more information that you will continue to gather. Future historians will undoubtedly thank you for doing so.


Mabandla Kelengeshe (ex PA Minister of Sport)

Job well done Barry John Cohen with this publication….

I hope the SA Golf Hall of Fame /Sidbrew find strong feet for many more years to come in exposing the apartheid government’s atrocities against black world class golfers that were never given their dues….


Bernard Schneider

This is really well worth the read.

But where Barry researched and got the info from just blows me away…

Well done B, thoroughly enjoying it…

I believe you can get it on Amazon or from Exclusive Books..

Please let your golfing buddy know about this book…


Michael Rubin (ex Marketing Manager Massmart)

You should be very proud of the product.

Hope the book gets the kudos it deserves.

Johan Piek (Club Director, Leopard Creek Country Club)

Thank you for the efforts you have gone to chronicle this rich part of SA golf history.


Jonathan Pinshaw (Australian business guru)

Congratulations on a magnificent achievement. It is a story that needed telling.. I can vouch for the fact that the book is an excellent read. Outstanding Bazza. Well deserved praise. A must read.


Wendell Haskins (founder Original Tee USA)

Awesome. Congratulations Barry.


Trevor Zabow

Quiite a brilliant book and beautifully laid out.

Very cheap on Amazon. Highly recommended.

Guys, buy the book- it is amazing!

Real potential as a movie.


Marc Dhalluin (former CEO Highbury media)

There is arguably no-one better than Barry Cohen to tell this extraordinary tale. This book is not about golf. It uses the history of golf in South Africa to tell remarkable stories of injustice, triumph and camaraderie. And ultimately of the fact that people who seek out commonalities as opposed to differences win at the game of ‘life’.


Tokozile Xasa (ex Minister of Sport)
Hello  Barry, Great book.  Definitely the President would love that he is a golfer.

I implore all South Africans to read this book!


Brendan Barratt (former editor Compleat Golfer)

Congratulations on an amazing achievement.


Joan Shaper Cohen

A very good read and I’ve passed it on loan to others.


Alan Rae (Canada)

A very good read!


Lola Rose Kramer

Well done. Deserves all the accolades.


Henry Maasdorp Snr

Well done on such a fine book


Rajen Sewgolum (son of Sewsanker ‘Papwa’ Sewgolum)

Great read. This book is easily understood by those who don’t know much about golf, yet the message is of hope and perseverence. It tells the story so that these golfers and their struggles are not forgotten, and in so doing, it creates black golfing heroes to inspire the youth, whilst recording the lost history of those who were disadvantaged during the Apartheid years.


Trevor Davies

Love this! Book is hard to find but I bought my copy at The RIVER CLUB in Cape Town. An inspiring read and its informing the writing of my own novel. I can’t thank you enough for this book!


Blown Away by Books (Maire Fisher)

Great book