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Ex Montibus Media is a Publishing company based in South Africa specialising in books relating to African History

We at ‘Ex Montibus Media  believe there are many untold stories about the continent that have been hidden from view in a world where facts are distorted by political correctness.

We are committed to the unvarnished truth and will publish books that are aimed at telling both sides of a complicated story in the hope we might make a small contribution to the real history of Africa.

Why choose EMM Publishing?

We are a complete, one-stop publishing solution for authors requiring professional editing, production, printing and e-book publishing. We set the budget, select the right editor for the genre and then manage the full production and printing process.


Contact Us

Tel: 083 251 3359

Email: admin@exmontibusmedia.co.za

Physical Address

26 Caledon Street, Darling, Western Cape, 7345, South Africa

Books by Ex Montibus Media