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John Sharp is unquestionably one of Zimbabwe’s leading Professional Hunters. Highly experienced, fun to be around, ethical and with a good client following. As a professional he is in a league of his own!

I have read his book ‘Facing Down Fear‘ with much interest – some incredible experiences now shared for the first time.

Out of all John’s dangerous encounters as a PH, the one that really caught my attention was the chapter ‘A Puff Adder Strikes‘. John was incredibly lucky not to have lost his arm. Were he not as fit as he undoubtably was the consequences would have been far, far worse! The moral of John’s experience is leave snakes alone in the bush. Don’t mess with them. Most snake accidents happen when people try to catch or handle them.

Robin Hurt

February 2018

Gamsberg, Namibia


Hunting books are either written by the client or the professional hunter, and I think the latter are the most intriguing because they are stories told from a much broader perspective. And when it comes to professional hunters, John Sharp is a true icon.

But Facing Down Fear is much more than a book of hunting stories – it is the incredibly interesting life story of someone who has truly lived.

As John’s friend Wilbur Smith says, “I have hunted with some of the very best professional hunters presently operating in Africa, but John Sharp is my preferred companion and guide in the hunting field”.

Facing Down Fear is an engaging autobiography, illustrated with myriad high-quality colour and black and white photographs, and is a must-have for any library of hunting or Africana. This book is a very good thing, and I am very happy that John has taken the time to put pen to paper to make it a reality.

I J Larivers

Editor, African Hunter magazine


In Facing Down Fear, angel-hearted PH John Sharp pays tribute to his family, mentors, colleagues, clients, devoted staff, and the landscapes and great game animals of Africa. It is ultimately the story of a hunter and a gentleman who, through mental and physical strength, is today supremely at harmony with his place in the universe.

Brooke ChilversLubin

Bluemont, Virginia

November, 2017



It is impossible to understand the unique life someone like John Sharp has had – but this book does a very good job helping you.

It is a glimpse back in time. To arguably the continent’s greatest hunting country, where the standards of hunting were at the highest – and his experiences were there, at an equally high level.

If there is one person that I would suggest spending a day in the bush with before either you or he exits planet earth – it would be Mr John Sharp. And after the 356 pages – of this book you will totally and utterly understand why.

Richard Lendrum

Publisher African Hunting Gazette.


John Sharp joins the short list of Professional Hunters who have great stories to tell and know how to tell them. I hunted with John and always hoped he would put his adventures on paper. This book is all I hoped it would be, and more.

Jim Carmichel