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Ex Montibus Media (EMM) is an Afro-centric publishing house, dealing in both fiction and non-fiction, reflecting the diversity and rich history of Africa.

Our self-publication division is for authors who seek professional direction, quality production, and personal, step-by-step assistance through the publication process, comprising either:

  • The total publication package or
  • Individual publishing subsets

Under these imprints, we publish in the following genres:

  • African fiction and non-fiction, including, biographieshistorybusiness, sport, current affairs and politics..

We are happy to review manuscripts that comply with our submission guidelines, whereupon we will be able to offer either an EMM publishing contract, or clearly agreed assistance through our self-publishing division.

We are a team with years of experience in the literary field and reach out to our specialists in the fast changing world of marketing and distribution to maximise sales and returns.

Why choose EMM Publishing?

We are a complete, one-stop publishing solution for authors requiring professional editing, production, printing and e-book publishing. We set the budget, select the right editor for the genre and then manage the full production and printing process, ensuring that all deliverables are met within deadline and to budget. We deliver your books to the National Distribution Warehouse and upload your e-book and print-on-demand files for international distribution. Depending on the service you select, we also offer full author support and coaching for the duration of the project.

We aim to make your book the best it can be!  

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