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Hugh Slatter

Air Vice Marshal Hugh Slatter – Hugh now lives with Jayne, his wife of 50 years in a small fishing village on the Oregon coast in the USA. He still consults for General Electric Aviation and its subsidiary CFM, focusing on new engine programs for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. His interest in aviation spans some 60 years, including both military and commercial fields.

His sons and grandchildren live in Ohio and New York, and he has a brother in South Africa.

Writing this book had been on his mind for many years. Friends and family eventually prevailed upon him to sit down and write this so his side of the saga would be known and a piece of the country’s history would be on the record.

Nick Price

Nick Price won three Major Championships, 18 times on the PGA Tour, five times in Europe and nine times on the Sunshine tour. He was, for a time rated the best golfer in the world and inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2003. He has made an enormous contribution to the game on and off the course and is widely considered one of the most popular players in the history of the game. Father of three, he lives in Jupiter, Florida with his wife Sue and remains a keen outdoorsman with a love of the sea and the feel of a fishing rod in his hands.

Andre Scheepers

Andre Scheepers

After a childhood on a farm in the Rhodesian bush, Andre Scheepers joined the Rhodesian Light Infantry commandos, followed by the SAS in 1974. In the thick of the action during the Rhodesian Bush War he was wounded on 13 occasions. Turning down an opportunity to go into the British SAS, he elected instead to join a seminary and later became a priest. A true leader, beloved by his men, his calmness in extreme danger coupled with his ability to think his way out of tight corners made him the quintessential SAS officer.

John Sharp

John Sharp

John Sharp was born in Kroonstad, South Africa, in 1952 and spent his first nine years on his parents’ farm in what was then the Orange Free State.  Home schooled by his mother, he spent the majority of his time roaming the veld with a .22, either barefoot or bareback on an old mare.  He completed his education at Diocesan College in Cape Town at the end of 1969.

He moved to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in 1977 and got his LPHL (Learner Professional Hunters Licence) in 1978 with his full licence following in 1983.

He is one of a rare breed and is one of the most experienced big-game hunters operating in Southern Africa today. While adhering to the strict ethics of Fair Chase, John epitomises the authentic ‘Great White Hunter’ of legend.

He has never married and is passionate about conserving Africa’s wildlife for the benefit of future generations.