Commentary of

 Pilot, Prisoner, Patriot: One Man’s Triumph over Torture & Tragedy


Air Vice Marshal Hugh Slatter

“Astonishing documentary! Hugh Slatter will keep you delightfully engaged as he tells his own remarkable story of coming to America after escaping the sudden highjacking and imprisonment of his life and beloved country of Rhodesia as it was lead into a state of coercion through guerrilla tactics that later evolved into decades of totalitarian rule. The Air Vice Marshal’s ability to bring camaraderie and humor in unthinkable situations and circumstances later proves to be an essential leadership skill after he and his family immigrate to America and land the opportunity of a lifetime at a Fortune 500 company. The Slatter family will bring laughter, tears and celebratory smiles to the hearts and minds of the readers; today they still continue to dance and celebrate their freedom with their friends and neighbors. In an era of divisiveness in American politics, Hugh’s story is a refreshing reminder of what unites us.”

Emily N. Rumiano